In the early 1990's the Killagay Kennel (Connie Christie) and the Tudur Kennel (Joe Cowdrick) combined to estblish the Killagay Tudur Kennel. Following the passing of Connie Christie, Joe has continued to maintain the kennel and the kennel's standards.


The Kennels Goals

Over the past 50+ years I have always tried to help maintain and improve the breed through a careful breeding program. My breeding practices are highly selective and have always taken into account the known inheritable problems of epilepsy, hip and elbow dysplasia, thyroid disorders, eye disorders and other conditions as they become known. It is my intent to produce sound dogs with excellent temperaments which would be faithful and loving family companions that would continue to be capable of performing in the field.

With every breeding I have always attempted to maintain the highest standards and have only produced a litter when I felt that it would help maintain and improve the breed.


Point Of Contact: Joseph Cowdrick

CH Shandwick Roberta
CH Pencelli Tomas
CH Dalati Marc
Tamaritz Tobias